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We do not have promotional codes but we do have several seasonal promotions.

GIFT CARDS require box activation and will be valid for the purchase of products at our Norman & Taylor stores nationwide. The amount charged on this card is valid for 1 year from the date of validation, in initial loading date, no extension is allowed. This Card is bearer, the company is not responsible in case of loss, theft or misuse, reason why there will not be made duplicates of the card, nor block of the same. The balance of the card can not be exchanged for cash. The partial use of the GIFT CARD does not generate returns in cash. They are not rechargeable. In case the total amount of products purchased exceeds the credit of the GIFT CARD, the balance may cancel with any of the means of payment accepted in our stores. The balance and validity of the card will be printed on the purchase ticket after each use, and can be consulted in the box of any of our stores. The card must remain in good condition, to present amendments, deterioration by chemical agents, cuts or others that damage it, will invalidate the use of it.

Items purchased at a Norman & Taylor store are returned to change in-store within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of purchase. The garment must be unworn, unused, undamaged and with all bids along with the original purchase invoice / ballot. For purchases with credit card, ticket of purchase is necessary for the changes. The goods are only returned for the changes in the same store in which it was purchased. Items in clearance or purchased in close doors, accessories, interiors and socks are final sale items and can not be returned. This limitation is without prejudice to the legal rights of the consumer and does not affect the legal guarantees and other rights recognized to the consumer by the current legislation (Law 29571).

For help on what size to buy, please refer to our Tailor made Clothing Guide, which you will find on the pages of each article. When you receive the garment, if the size or cut is not appropriate, follow the return process to request a refund of the entire amount.

Yes, we have bags specially designed to deliver a garment as a gift, as well as sturdy and compact boxes to deliver a shirt on a special occasion.

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