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8 agosto, 2017

Norman & Taylor celebrated the release of the Fall – winter 2017 collection, between jazz and pisco next to the iconic Country Club Hotel in San Isidro.

The evening was chill, and as the sky was getting dark, the lights of Norman & Taylor highlighted the garments of their showcases decorated with English elements, like a nod for “The British Men”, a collection that tells the story of a British traveler disembarking in our coast in the full 60’s.

The designer of the brand, Lucrezia Marini, took as inspiration the mod movement and its modern’s sophistication, reflected in the attention in the attention to the adjustments and care for the details of each piece. The inventiveness and creativity of the sixties mods, are noticed in small tricks hidden under the sleeves, hems and pockets of the garments that allow the easy transformation from an elegant look to a more casual one.

he Beatles, Dusty Springfield and other bands of the British Invasion were playing inside of the store, setting the trail of the visitors who were touching the best pima cotton on the shirts, pants, polos and pajamas displayed on the premises. Norman & Taylor’s creations hung on the display cases accompanied with maps of London, black umbrellas, tea cans, and bowler hats, in the style of the English knight.

A trio of organic jazz welcomed the guests, who in conversations looked through the pages of the new catalog of Norman & Taylor, a kind of newspaper that shows the routine of a fictional English character as a sample of the brand’s ability to offer versatile garments that accompany the different occasions of the Peruvian knight.

Vitale Barberis ready-made shirts, polos shirts, pants and suits, as well as stockings, ties, straps and the highest quality of jewelry are the components of this new collection waiting for you at any Norman & Taylor’s establishments


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