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8 agosto, 2017

In the textile world, a technical language is used, that is not always easy for the consumers to understand. These technicalities describe the quality of the fabric and knowing a little of this language can help you understand and choose the best option for your shirts.

The fabric is composed by a series of interlace yarns. These fibers have their own characteristics that offer certain finishes to the fabric. For example, Perú is privileged with one of the finest inputs in the textile world: Peruvian pima cotton; material with which fabrics are made of Norman & Taylor shirts. Its long strand and its soft nature are responsible for making our garments long lasting and so pleasing to the touch..

When the fabric is generated, the yarn can be manipulated in different ways to present diverse finishes. In Norman & Taylor we have fabric tittles ranging from 80/2 to 160/2, being the latter one of the most refined results that can be achieved. But, what does this mean? Number 2 describes the number of strands that compose the thread and the number that accompanies it is the amount of twisting it took to get that strand. In other words, the tittle of 160/2, is a thread made by two strands of Peruvian pima cotton that have been screwed 160 times, therefore, the product is high fineness that feels to the touch and, for the trained eyes, in sight.

The choice of the fabric for your shirts depends on the user. Norman & Taylor offer 80/2, 100/2, 120/2, 150/2 y 160/2 fabrics in a variety of design and finishes. The next time you visit and require a custom shirt, you will know which tittle to choose for your garment. Not so sure yet? Then do not hesitate to caress the textile and feel the quality of Norman & Taylor fabrics. .

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